Hyperbaric Medical Technology in Modern Compressed Air Work 


  • In 1992, the First International Conference on “Engineering and Health in Compressed Air Work” and the 2nd International Conference again in 2002;
  • In 2000, high pressure compressed air work over 3.45bar on varies oxygen decompression tables began world-wide;
  • In around 2003, Trimix bounce and Trimix Saturation mode of compressed air work with Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) joint the party.


Occupational Health Plan follows the development and progress of the Hyperbaric Medical Technology.

In Hong Kong, what advance and improvement we made?

  • 1992 The French Official Tunnel Table MT92 on oxygen decompression at 0.9 and 1.2bar applied up to 4.2bar resulted in “zero” Decompression Illness in TBM compressed air work;
  • The adoption of Oxygen Decompression Tables as the standard and Air-Only Decompression Tables as a backup in 2000;
  • Adding Five-minutes Air-break at each 30minutes Oxygen Stop time, routine use of antioxidants and limit daily work exposure & daily UPTD free the worry on oxygen toxicity in related to oxygen decompression;
  • Incorporate with Mathematical models on validating Trimix Bounce & Trimix Saturation tables as adjunctive safety measure before site application;
  • Validate medical equipment & emergency plan for TBM work with Trimix Saturation TUP Shuttle and habitant.